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25 Years of Optimum, HQ Updates + More to Come

A Renewed Office Space Reflecting a Quarter-Century of Building with Integrity  In 2024, we are celebrating an exciting milestone – 25 years in the game! As we reflect on.

OFS’ Successful 2022 with Barratt Homes & More

It was a year of change, teamwork and growth for the Optimum Fire Stopping division. From strengthening existing client relationships to working & delivering for new ones,.

The Optimum Fire Stopping Team Grows & Restructures

Optimum Group are delighted to share the changes that have been underway as part of our fire-stopping team restructure. We have recently secured some great projects with clients,.

Passive Fire Protection Installers

One of the South West’s leading Passive Fire Protection subcontractors, OFS is looking for new subcontractors & workers to join our growing site teams to cater for new.

25 Years of Optimum, HQ Updates + More to Come


A Renewed Office Space Reflecting a Quarter-Century of Building with Integrity 

In 2024, we are celebrating an exciting milestone – 25 years in the game! As we reflect on our journey, we are thrilled to share the first of a few new updates that will look to mark this special year. Starting with the completion of office renovation Phase 1 and with the second phase currently underway downstairs we’ll be sharing this on our social channels in due course and there is more to come as the year progresses…

When busy, prioritising and delivering a service, your space can sometimes take a back seat. However, we believe that to continue to evolve and to meet the needs of our business and clients continuously, we want to provide the best working environment for our teams to do so.

Since our inception in 1999, we’ve grown from a small team and startup to a leading subcontractor in the South West within our industries, thanks to the trust and support of our clients, partners, and loyal staff. So we look forward to sharing more with our network as the year goes on.

OFS’ Successful 2022 with Barratt Homes & More


It was a year of change, teamwork and growth for the Optimum Fire Stopping division. From strengthening existing client relationships to working & delivering for new ones, it’s been exciting, busy and positive.

We’ve most recently been on-site with Barratt Homes at Royal View North Petherton, Somerset completing fire stopping to the service penetrations inside the plots before our final handover. This particular project has been one of eight projects we worked on in 2022 with longstanding clients Barratts Homes. It has been an honour to work alongside them this year to ensure their new and future occupants’ homes are passive fire protected to the highest standards and as safe as possible.

Here are some of the other New Build Development – Fire Stopping Installation projects we’ve been working on with them throughout the year:

  • Ladden Gardens Phase 3 | Completed May 2022
  • Birds Marsh Phase 4 | Completed June 2022
  • Parish Brook | Completed October 2022
  • North Yate District Centre | Live Project – Due to Complete May 2023
  • Charfield Gardens, | Live Project – Due to Complete November 2023
  • Wichelstowe Parcel 5 | Live Project – Due to Complete 2024
  • North Yate Phase 4 | Started November 2022, Live Project – Due to Complete Early 2023

With projects moving into Q1 and onwards, we look forward to completing these live new build projects as well as hopefully starting more with them in the near future.

2022 also saw the division begin new works with new clients. From central Bristol commercial works with Interaction at Cargo Works, and more new build development passive fire protection works, this time with Countryside in Bath to works on a new Cricket Pavilion, for Hinton Charterhouse Cricket Club and Stonewood Builders Ltd, also in Bath.

To wrap up the year, our Welsh team and Operations Director were delighted and honoured to have been awarded the Quality Award from our clients, ISG for our works on the St David’s and Llancarfan school projects which were completed earlier in the year. A fantastic night with clients at their Supply Chain Awards at the Cornerstone, Cardiff on 24th November.

A great collective effort by our Fire Stopping Team who have been fantastic in securing, delivering and completing passive fire protection works on projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether that be remedials or new builds and across all sector types be that residential, education, commercial and more. Here’s to the year ahead & 2023.

The Optimum Fire Stopping Team Grows & Restructures


Optimum Group are delighted to share the changes that have been underway as part of our fire-stopping team restructure. We have recently secured some great projects with clients, both old and new, and are excited to deliver them with a fresh and talented Firestopping team. We have a new leadership structure, promoted from an established and experienced management team, and added some exceptional new talent to create a department that can provide a reliable, professional and valuable service

First and foremost, we are thrilled to have established Optimum team member, Laura Weston, heading up the department as Business Leader and together with Ian Morris, as Contracts Manager, they will be overseeing all projects, client relations and operations together. Ian has been with Optimum Fire Stopping since its inception, helping to get the department to where it is today. Laura started her career with Optimum as a trainee QS over 18 years ago, and has successfully risen through the hierarchy to reach this pivotal management role.

We also have Will Britton joining the team as Assistant Fire Stopping Manager following his previous involvement in and around the department and company. He is looking forward to a permanent role after recently completing his Firas training and is pursuing a HNC in construction and the built environment.

Our new recruits include Alex Ivanov as Fire Stopping Manager, who joins us with over 10 years of industry experience, with a large part of this spent in London. He brings in-depth installation and product knowledge to the team and we are really pleased to have him. Welcome aboard Alex

We also have a new Trainee Quantity Surveyor & Manager, Eve Boniface, who started her journey with Optimum in May, and has been assisting Laura Weston with all aspects of the Fire Stopping Department’s processes, procedures and commercials.

To conclude the appointments, Tom Evans has joined us as a trainee fire stopper based on site working along with George Davies.

Our new Fire Stopping team also held their first meeting in our Bristol office recently to discuss the department restructure, new/existing projects as well as innovative ideas for the future. Exciting opportunities ahead with new clients on the horizon.

Passive Fire Protection Installers


One of the South West’s leading Passive Fire Protection subcontractors, OFS is looking for new subcontractors & workers to join our growing site teams to cater for new projects, clients and industry demand.

After a busy and exciting 2021, as a division (of Optimum Group which is also made up of Drywall & Combined Services) we continue to grow and we are looking for FIRAS accredited installers (or those interested in undergoing training/qualification) to join our team. By doing so, you’d be assisting the project teams and fellow subcontractors in installing fire-stopping & passive fire protection through drywall, concrete, and blockwork.

Following winning ASFP’s Installation Project of 2021 and with projects of all shapes and sizes underway and being scheduled throughout 2022, we are looking for keen, hard-working and passionate workers to continue and expand our award-winning service.

These projects differ from remedial works and passive fire protection facility safety improvements to new build projects across the commercial, educational, healthcare, and residential sectors.

You can find out more about Optimum Fire Stopping here and the types of service we offer as well as the clients we have worked with over the years.

To register your interest, simply fill in this form.

Alternatively, you can email for more information and apply.

Highlighting Two Inspirational Young Women for WICW2022


Women in Construction Week takes place during the first full week in March every year and is now become a fantastic international initiative. Started by the NAWIC in the early 50’s, it continues to allow companies to highlight all the great initiatives and work of women within the industry.

Likewise, it is a time that brings to the fore the opportunities that are available to women in construction. Women in Construction Week traces the history of women in construction, their challenges, and the ways they’ve been able to overcome them.

Following Optimum Group’s Women in Construction 2021 activity and finding out more about our incredible female workforce, this year we have interviewed two of the most inspirational and brilliant young women in the business. Operating out of our Welsh office, Alisha Birkett (Assistant Quantity Surveyor) & Luschia Evans (Trainee Quantity Surveyor) are not only brilliant and excelling in their roles but have taken the time to answer some questions which not only give insight to these roles within a male dominant industry but also breaks down barriers for aspiring women to enter the industry.

Check out what they had to say…

  1. What do you feel is the biggest challenge of being a woman working within construction?

Alisha: One of the main challenges I often face is the lack of facilities for women vs men on construction sites, while men will usually have a vast range of shower rooms, toilets and changing rooms. Usually, the women’s equivalent is either non-existent or not cared for in the same way.

Luschia: For me, the biggest challenge was first joining as it can feel daunting being a young woman going into an Industry that you think it mostly for men. As there are typically fewer women on-site than men, similarly to Alisha mentioned, the women’s facilities can also seem to be less varied or not taken care of the same as the facilities for men.

  1. Do you feel that the industry is opening more to women?

Alisha: Definitely! Even since starting just under 4 years ago, I can already see many things improving.

Luschia: I think that the industry is definitely opening to more women and more women are realising that careers in construction are available to them.

  1. How can the industry be more inclusive for women?

Alisha: I think it begins right from when they are still in school. There isn’t a lot of advertisement for construction, and it is even less for construction aimed at women. A role model who represents women is also very important and can help girls see that it is possible to work in construction.

Luschia: It can be more encouraged to young women and girls from a young age that there are plenty of job opportunities for them within the construction industry and that it is definitely a route that girls, not only boys can go down.

  1. Has there been any change from first starting in construction?

Alisha:  It’s much more inclusive than when I started, I see a lot more women on site and in the office than I did a few years ago.

Luschia: I haven’t been working within the industry for that long to see much of a change but I do think that the idea of more women in construction is becoming more encouraged and its great to see.

  1. What can be done to combat gender discrimination within the industry?

Alisha:  Seeing women leaders/directors in construction is a great way to show equality in the workplace. We are lucky to have 4/7 of our directors as women, and it was definitely one of the things that made me so eager to work here. It would be nice to see more lower-level female managers though!

Luschia: I think just more recognition of women in higher positions to show that there are powerful women in important roles would go a long way and give young women examples that they can strive towards.

  1. What has been the most surprising part of being a woman working in construction?

Alisha: I definitely came into this job expecting to be a little more pushed aside than someone older or male, but that’s been far from what has happened! I’ve been very lucky to have all the opportunities I’ve had with Optimum, and I would not be half the QS I am without having the space and freedom to grow as I have.

Luschia: I think I was surprised by how helpful and welcoming everyone can be and how no one has made me feel uncomfortable or pushed aside.

  1. Why did you choose construction? What led you to construction?

Alisha: I always enjoyed maths in school and I initially was going down the path of accountancy, but after helping my dad with things like Excel and Bluebeam during school breaks and when I left school I was introduced to Quantity Surveying which is far more interesting than Accounting!

Luschia: My Dad has always worked within construction, and he is the one who introduced me to it. He told me of a position he knew of which was an excellent job opportunity for me which I probably never would have realised could be a career for myself.

  1. What qualifications are available for women to build a career in construction and what have you done?

Alisha: There are so many construction-related courses that can be taken to build a career in this industry, most (if not all) qualifications are now available to women too which is obviously a plus. I have just completed a 2 year HNC in Surveying and was delighted to graduate last year with a Distinction!

Luschia: There are plenty of different qualifications available for women within many sectors of construction, I am currently completing a construction and built environment HNC.

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to do within the construction industry, and do you have any dreams or goals within your role?

Alisha: I thoroughly enjoy the line of work I’m currently in, and I think my final goal in this industry is to be a Finance Director or similar

Luschia: I am enjoying training as a QS so I would like to carry on to become a qualified quantity surveyor.

  1. What advice could be given to a young woman entering the construction industry?

Alisha: Confidence definitely matters, it’s very daunting being the only woman in a group of men (especially when they are much older than you) but being able to make a conversation will go a long way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, and don’t be afraid to be wrong!

Luschia: I would say don’t be put off that it is considered a male-dominated industry, the more young women that enter the industry means that it will become more evened out.  Just be sure of yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.


Out of 35 people in Alisha’s university class, only 5 were women, while Luschia is the only woman in her class of 15. Though the improvements are gradual, as a business, we are doing everything we can to support these fantastic women in the industry. This annual awareness week is observed to appreciate the women who have taken the bold step to enter the construction industry, and also to encourage those willing to make similar commitments.

We will continue to work with our clients to improve the atmosphere, facilities and support offered to women on sites as well as educational schemes, such as Apprenticeships to ensure that women can start & build a career from multiple entry points.

Optimum Fire Stopping win ASFP Installation Project of 2021

From left to right, Ryan Bradley Quantity Surveyor at Laing O'Rourke, OFS' Ian Morris & Jasper Fitzpatrick, both Passive Fire Protection Managers, Chris Fitzpatrick Passive Fire Protection Operations Manager & Peter Sharpe, Pre Construction Project Leader at Laing O Rourke.

Last year we experienced another year of uncertainty within the construction industry. With both COVID and Brexit exacerbating material availability and putting unprecedented strain on our supply chain. However, we are delighted to have navigated through the turbulence of 2021 and ended the year on a high, and are very proud to announce that the Optimum Fire Stopping team won Best Installation Project of the Year for their contribution to The Grange University Hospital (SCCC) project in Llanfrechfa, Wales.

We have been members of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection for a few years now and it is an honour to have won such a prestigious award. The ASFP is dedicated to the protection of life, property, the environment and our heritage and promotes continuous improvement in all aspects of passive fire protection. Working with Government and international standard-setting bodies both directly, and via other sector group associations, they endeavour to increase the quality of installed fire protection within all forms of construction.

Our Managing Director Simon Britton had this to say on picking up the award

“Firstly, I would like to thank ASFP for recognising our achievement. We are extremely honoured to have received such a significant award, as voted for by our revered colleagues at the ASFP.  I am extremely proud of our team, headed up by our Firestopping Manager Chris Fitzpatrick, for successfully delivering a highly complex project at The Grange University Hospital. I would also like to thank our client, Laing O Rourke, for trusting us with such a prominent project, particularly with the fire prevention industry under intense scrutiny in recent years.

Thank you for recognizing our determination to successfully overcome the challenges this project presented.  It was great to be a key part of a truly collaborative team and even more satisfying to be awarded the Project installation of the Year for our contribution. “

The award-winning project, for Laing O’Rourke, was a newly constructed £350 million 471-bed hospital providing complex specialist and critical care treatment for over 600,000 people in South-East Wales, and included a 24-hour acute assessment unit and emergency department. OFS worked in partnership with specialist suppliers such as Rockwool and Hilti to provide high-level fire protection throughout the project. Acoustic batt penetrations ensured that the appropriate decibel range was achieved in all rooms, all of which varied depending on individual privacy specifications.

The COVID-19 pandemic has and continues, to put extreme pressure on the UK and subsequent healthcare services The Aneurin Bevin Health Board sought immediate assistance from Laing O’Rourke and their supply chain to open this hospital even earlier than originally scheduled. The SCCC hospital had the potential to play a significant part in assisting the Welsh government in their response to the pandemic and Optimum were eager to assist. Our incredible team of fire stoppers, unprecedented in their numbers, were required to work over and beyond a normal working week, often on-site Saturday and Sunday on top of double shifts and it was this collaborative effort and dedication from the team which delivered such an important ward well ahead of time.

Client Laing O’Rourke’s Project Director, Mike Lewis had this to say about our Fire Stopping team “It is a pleasure working with such a professional dedicated forward-thinking company who are solutions-focused whilst supporting the client (NHS) in achieving their goals

Some key project statistics were:

  • 25,000 passive fire penetration seals
  • 22,000 acoustic seals
  • 7,000 linear meters of cavity barriers
  • 45 accredited installers
  • 5 on-site supervisors & 4-man strong management team
  • £1.2m project value
  • Project duration of 14 months
  • Early project delivery/handover (how many months?) to open hospital wings early to aid pandemic efforts

The fire industry is constantly having to adapt to necessary reforms, the introduction of the Fire Safety Act 2021, the official unveiling of PAS9980 as well as the passage of the Building Safety Bill all announced last year. The focus on passive fire protection and safety on all new and existing buildings has never been greater and continues to be one of Optimum’s biggest strategic priorities across the business

Want to find out more about OFS, have an introductory call or discuss an upcoming project? Get in touch on: Stay up to date with our Fire Stopping team, in what’s shaping up to be an exciting year by following our showcase LinkedIn page.

Another Principal Contract Care Home Secured in Almondsbury for Optimum

Breaking Ground. Pictured from left to right, Adam Radcliffe (Optimum Project Manager), Ash Desai (Cedar Care Homes CEO), Simon Britton (Optimum Group Managing Director) and Frank Gandy (Client Representative & TBC).

The Optimum Group are thrilled to have secured another principal contractor project with long-standing client, Cedar Care Homes. Project Sunnymead is progressing swiftly, with the plastering and decorating now both in full swing at the 70+ room care home in Southmead, Bristol. Completion is due October, synchronising perfectly with the start of another collaborative residential care home build for Cedar Care

The newly attained site is situated in Almondsbury, just off junction 16 of the M5, neighbouring both Bristol & South Gloucestershire. The prospective plan aims to deliver a modern 63 bedroom residential care home featuring a café, restaurant, and cinema to utilise the 6 acres of land available for development.

Site cabins were delivered in early June and work on the foundations has advanced since we were on-site at the official breaking ground ceremony (see pictures left) with the client.

To be able to manage another care home project as a principal contractor for Cedar Care, in quick succession, is a true honour for us, and to celebrate something so positive following a difficult 18 months has given us hope for the future of the Business and Industry alike. Optimum Group Founder & Managing Director had this to say about Project Almondsbury getting underway:

 “This is the next step in an exciting phase of growth for the Optimum Group working with Cedar Care Homes. Unlike our previous project, refurbishing Sunnymead Manor, we are building Almondsbury from scratch. This will give us the opportunity to provide a superb facility, tailored for the residents, and a home that is designed to cater to many complex and challenging needs.

This project enables our clients to continue to successfully offer a service to a group of people who tend to be forgotten about and to ease the burden on other care homes in the area who may struggle to manage the multifaceted needs of some individuals.”

We also caught up with Cedar’s CEO, C at our breaking ground ceremony who is looking forward to developing another care home to add to his company’s extensive portfolio, over the next 80+ weeks:

“Having worked with Simon & the Optimum team on a number of our Care homes, predominantly drylining and decorating packages, over the past 10 years it seemed a natural choice to entrust them with the Principal Contractor role at Sunnymead.

With Sunnymead scheduled for completion in October 2021 we felt more than comfortable to give Optimum the go-ahead to commence the Almondsbury care home as we are confident that with their involvement, we will be ready for residents in the latter part of 2022”

Anticipated to finish in November 2022, there is certainly a lot to be done to get this project up and running. As shown in the picture (left) the muck away process is underway, groundworks are being set and the concrete has arrived on site. We are managing the preparation stage of the build whilst ensuring our surrounding community, environments, and conservations are treated with the utmost respect and care, as part of the Considerate Contractors Scheme (CSS), with which we are proud to be associated with.

The site itself actually includes a folly, and we will be restoring this for the prospective residents, as it has been classed as an arboretum with several rare types of trees. Identified species include; Black Walnuts, Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus Altissina, Ginkgo, Magnolias, and the aptly named Blue Cedar, all of which we will ensure will be protected during the build.

Adam Radcliffe, our project manager, and his team will be working closely with the local council to ensure that all of the natural fauna and wildlife on this site will be Safeguarded. We feel it is very important to maintain the local landscape to ensure that all nature enthusiasts, visitors, future residents and their families can enjoy these natural surroundings for many years to come.

Keep up to date with the project developments and much more of Optimum’s projects on all of our LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter channels.

Combined Services Complete Bath Principal Contractor Refit


It’s been a very busy and encouraging start to 2021 across the Optimum spectrum, particularly with the growth of our Welsh division and with Combined Services continuing to expand their client base. However, with remote working still in effect and social distancing rotas still in place for all our offices, all our teams have been doing a fantastic job to ensure extensive COVID protocols are adhered to. Keeping our staff and stakeholders safe is still our priority at Optimum.

Other notable business achievements have been Optimum Drywall’s first principal contract role at Sunnymead Care Home, Southmead for longstanding client Cedar Care Homes which expeditiously has now lead to another identical project in Almondsbury (more information on this soon). With all this said, we are delighted to announce that last month, Optimum Combined Services completed and handed over their first principal contract role in Bath. A project that exceeded expectations and gets us well-underway in fulfilling a long-term ambition of becoming a competitive main contractor in this field.

Working in collaboration with interior designers Re:Designing Space, the OCS team have been busy wrapping up a full office refurbishment for Global Intellectual Property firm and patent/trademark specialists eIP, UK. The scope of the project encompassed a variety of Optimum Combined’s specialisms with Drylining, Plastering, Suspended Ceilings, and all decoration aspects carried out on the project. Optimum’s FIRAS accredited installers were also working on the project ensuring that the fire doors and passive fire protection systems met the required standards and were then upgraded if required.

As the principal contractor, we coordinated all trades across the supply chain including health & safety, quality assurance, and project management professionals, providing regular progress reports for the client.

Terrance, Managing & Creative Director of Re: Designing has been pleased with our involvement “I’d just like to say that OCS involvement with fitting out EIP’s office in Bath has been a good collaboration delivering as promised. The service provided has been comprehensive and the final outcome very pleasing. The team has been attentive and have responded well to the inevitable issues arising and have ensured the safe and efficient delivery of the project”.

Optimum Combined’s project lead and Operations Manager Matt Charlton had this to say about our performance; “We at Optimum take great pleasure in delivering projects on time and within budget. This project has been challenging at times with varying bespoke details to consider but our team has consistently ensured that the highest standards and quality were maintained throughout the refurbishment. We have cherished this opportunity of our first Principal Contractor role and believe we have succeeded; we are looking forward to the next one”.  

A full website case study, as well as final updates, will shortly be available on our new dedicated Optimum Combined Services LinkedIn page.


Celebrating #IWD2021 & Women in Construction Week


On Monday 8th March we saw the world celebrate International Women’s Day by showcasing the tremendous efforts of women and girls around the world, in shaping their vision of an equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the gaps that still remain in equality and encouraging to #ChooseToChallenge.

Following on from this important day, the Optimum Group, and many others within the industry, have continued their focus on women’s roles, for Women in Construction Week. Through a survey, carried out by recruitment firm Search Consultancy, it was found that more than two-thirds (68%), of managers in the construction sector, believe there is an ongoing struggle with the lack of gender diversity. However, the tide is now beginning to turn as clearly represented by the ratio of women within the Optimum Group.

To celebrate this week, we have been praising the amazing women who embody our business values across many departments, seniorities and roles. Each day, we have highlighted these individuals on our social media channels to share their experience of working in the industry and at the company.

Within this post, we will be recapping the stories from the fabulous women we have celebrated on social media but have saved some to share with you today. Opening with Estimator & Quantity Surveyor, Jenna Gibbs:

“I started my career in the construction industry when I was 19 and have continued working in the industry throughout my 15-year career. I first started as an Accounts Assistant for a housebuilder where I gained my MAAT qualification. From there I progressed to the commercial department and became a Commercial Assistant. I then went on to begin my HNC in construction and became an Assistant Surveyor, once I successfully completed my HNC I moved on to become a Quantity Surveyor.”

“I then joined Optimum Combined Services as an Estimator / Quantity Surveyor in September last year and enjoy the role as every day is different and allows me to combine working in the office environment and also on site. In the construction industry, there are always new challenges and I enjoy meeting various new people.”

The timing of International Women’s Day (& #WIC2021) coupled with our women in construction activity, was most fitting for the announcement of our new Receptionist, Stevie Stevens who started on Monday 8th. She has embarked on her first-ever role within the construction industry. She joins us after a career in both the Travel Industry and in Financial Services. Being a Mother to two girls Scarlet and Savannah, aged 7 and 4, Stevie is excited to start her new career with Optimum after being at home on Furlough during most of the pandemic.

We would also like to mention Emma Price a gifted plasterer who is currently working on our Morfa Road project with our Welsh team.

Optimum is very proud of the remarkable women mentioned above, and equally with the women showcased throughout the week to commemorate both occasions.

We would like to thank all of them for sharing their stories throughout the week which opened with Optimum’s Directors. a four-strong force that actually makes up a majority on our board. We spoke to Joanne Britton, Company Secretary & Co-Founder, Lisa Clubb Finance Director, Jude Davies Commercial Director & Sam Linton, HR Director. Closely followed by the amazing female Quantity Surveyors & Site Managers working within the business. Laura Weston, Senior QS celebrating 17 years at Optimum this month, Alisha Birkett Assistant QS, Luschia Evans Trainee QS and future Trainee Site Manager, Robyn Carpenter. 

We moved on to the Procurement, HR & Compliance team talking with Jody Chidgey, Procurement Manager, Natasha Abrahams Payroll & HR Administrator, Liz Fox Compliance Officer and Haley Manning Admin Assistant about their roles at Optimum, their perceptions and experience with the construction industry.

Closing our week of posts were our two women who work within our Account Management & Estimating department. Joanne Jones & Fran Locke enlightened us on their individual journeys, qualifications and familiarity both in this industry and at the company.

Summarising a poignant and informative week, we have highlighted the importance of the roles our incredible women undertake within their respective departments. Optimum are proud of all their achievements and recognise the amazing job they do at work, whist often balancing the needs of a demanding personal life, regardless of their gender.

Our core values, as a business, aspire to equality across all groups and in every department of our company.

We are grateful for the commitment and work ethic of all our workforce, especially over the last 12 months through the challenging period. Without them, we wouldn’t be an Optimum team.

Optimum Secure First Principal Contract Role


Optimum are delighted to officially announce their involvement as the Principal Contractor at Sunnymead Care Home for Cedar Care Homes. This is an exciting new development for us and having secured the project in December 2020 we are now well underway on site and swiftly progressing through all aspects of this new venture.

Being the lead-client and main contractor has been a long term goal for Optimum and to be overseeing all subcontractors during the construction and refurbishment of this 60-bed care home is a great introduction to a Principal Contractor role and presents an opportunity for us to formulate a bespoke team and build on the necessary experience to expand in this field as part of the company’s future-proofing strategy.

Our experienced workforce from both companies are involved in this project as the Drywall team will be managing all drylining works including the partitions and ceiling contracts, and the Combined Services team will follow with all painting, decorating and finishing. Another great Optimum collaborative project.

This is celebrated as an extremely positive step forward for the business and hopefully the first of many as we look to carve out our role as the main contractor and further expand our presence within the various specialisms of the construction industry spectrum. Managing Director & Founder, Simon Britton said:

“We are thrilled to have gotten underway on this fantastic new project. Sunny Mead is going to be the first project under the business’ new & exciting Main Contracting banner, providing an excellent location for us to create something of real benefit to the local community, both in terms of generating employment during the construction phase and offering specialist nursing care once handed over to Cedar Care Homes. 

We are delighted that once completed, it’ll provide fantastic care, nursing and accommodation for many local people for years to come.”

A key responsibility of the principal contractor is the implementation of robust Health and Safety procedures and the client is very satisfied that Optimum has effectively fulfilled these duties to date, our new Project Manager Adam Radcliffe said:

“It is great to be involved in this project and to have been given the opportunity to begin the principal contractor journey with Optimum.

Cedar Care Homes are very happy with the Health and Safety we have implemented on-site and over the past few months we have successfully designed complex, temporary scaffolding to manage the buildings central core with our solution opening up the atrium and letting in some much-needed light.

We have recently begun to prepare the site ready to take the new three-story timber frame structure that will commence in March, we have also released two cores for drylining and M&E first fix so all other areas of production are progressing well”

Having worked with Cedar Care Homes on numerous projects over the years and for whom we have proudly supported during the COVID-19 pandemic, by supplying PPE to distribute across their homes, it seems a most fitting appointment to be able to experience our first Principal contractor role with such a longstanding and valued client.

Stay tuned for more project updates on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter channels.